Ultimate Savings Agreements

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Basic Maintenance Program
(1 Visit Per Year)
Premium Maintenance Program
(2 Visits Per Year)
Mini Split Air Conditioning Units and Heat Pumps
(2 Visits Per Year)
Filter (Supplied by Customer) Filter (Supplied by Customer) Inspect filters and wash as needed.
Electrical Connections and Safety Electrical Connections and Safety Visual inspection for refrigerant leaks.
Test Operation Test Operation Check temperature differential on indoor unit.
Inspect Drains Inspect Drains Check and tighten electrical connections.
Test Pump Operation Test Pump Operation Check operation of system.
Static Pressure Static Pressure Inspect coils for blockage and cleanliness.
Carbon Monoxide Check (Heat Only) Carbon Monoxide Check (Heat Only) Wash condenser coils with water.
Temperature Split Temperature Split Check and clean drain lines.
Refrigerant Pressure Monitor Levels Refrigerant Pressure Monitor Levels Check operations of control system including thermostats.
Test Thermostat Operation Test Thermostat Operation
Inspect Coils Inspect Coils
Clean Condenser Coil Clean Condenser Coil
Vacuum and Clean Blower Vacuum and Clean Blower
Inspect Duct System Inspect Duct System
Clean Condensate Drain Clean Condensate Drain
Remove and Clean Pilot Assembly Remove and Clean Pilot Assembly
Inspect and Clean Intake (90%) Inspect and Clean Intake (90%)
Lubricate Moving Parts Lubricate Moving Parts
Leak Search Near Appliance Gas Connections Leak Search Near Appliance Gas Connections
Check Capacitators Check Capacitators
$36/month* $36/month
$336/annual* $523/annual* $523/annual
$234 per additional system for 2 visits (1 year)

* $312 per additional regular system.

To make sure we are properly assessing your system, please reach out if you have any questions.

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