A solution to optimize your efficiency

Often building systems are installed and commissioned under stressed conditions, resulting in systems that are left alone to function, regardless of how the space was originally designed.

System Optimization, also known as “retro-commissioning,” is the process of examining the controlled environment and the efficiency of the equipment responsible for handling the load.

How do you know whether your system is running at maximum efficiency?
Unfortunately, too many buildings are “out of control.” In many cases, we can tune your existing system, providing improved comfort and energy reduction. When service is no longer an option, we can review your building’s total Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC) needs and customize a solution to optimize your efficiency.

Control Point Mechanical did some work for me in order to supplement for the deficient HVAC sub. They did a great job in a difficult situation. They were efficient, on time and very clean, neat and organized.

David Ceppetelli, Project Manager, R.H. White Construction Co., Inc.

Control Point Mechanical takes care of all of our renovations, our energy management, and in executing our preventative maintenance schedule.

Douglas Porter, World Wide Facilities Director, SeaChange International

Nashoba Valley Brewery was in the middle of a brew when the burner on its brew kettle shut down. We made about 6 phone calls trying to get someone to service a commercial propane boiler.

Richard Pelletier, President, Nashoba Valley Spirits, Ltd.

The employees at CPM are ‘good ambassadors’ for Nick, as they are equally committed to reliable, professional service.

Mark W. Clark, Principal Life Science & BioPharmaceutical Facilities Management Services, Clark Consulting Services

Nick’s passion for his industry, his commitment to hiring good people into his company, and his focus on doing the right thing for his clients comes through in the service they provide for us.

Viktor Vejins, President and CEO, Nano-C, Inc.

Thanks to their leadership and preparation for rebates from NSTAR and others, Nick and his team saved
us $20,000 making an otherwise out of reach program a reality.

Plant Engineer, International Shipping Company